Pre All Star game session w/Tottenham and MLS All Stars

Had a chance to go up and watch a couple of practice sessions from Tottenham Hot Spurs and also the MLS All Star team at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Denver Colorado. Both teams had a game the next day so clearly it wasn’t a typical practice session but was still fun to watch.

First up was Tottenham.

  • Started off with a simple dynamic warm-up.
  • Tottenham split up into 3 different groups.
    • The keepers went with the keeper coach.
    • Strikers went to goal with a finishing progression.
    • Defenders and Midfielders worked on pattern play.

Finishing Session Progression shown in Video.

Midfielders and Defenders worked on pattern play with Head Coach.

Sidenote: After the season the Tottenham players stayed after and signed autographs and looked happy to be there. I think Harry Kane stayed longer then almost everyone so props to them.

Second up were the MLS All Stars.

  • Started off with simple dynamic warmup.
  • Went to a equal game of possession. Only limitations I saw were that they were on 2 touch.
  • Afterwards Game was 6v6 to goal on a smaller field and went on a time limit and the three teams rotated through vs each other.

Sidenote: After the session ended the MLS players just left. Leaving many fans who waited in the super hot sun quite unimpressed.

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What a night! Manchester United practice session in Denver

Manchester United held a practice session that was open to the public. What I didn’t count on was scoring a sweet Press Pass and being able to stand right ON THE FIELD.

Being with the Press is not all fun and I don’t think I ever got as many bad looks as I did by wearing a Manchester Jacket before but it was worth it.

From being like 2 seats away from Paddy and 4 from Brian McBride to less than 10 yards from the Manchester United players I was in Soccer heaven.

The team was broken up into two halves with what looked to be the starting 11 and the second 11 for the game vs Roma. Below are video clips from the practice session.

Below are some pictures

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Podcast: 1300AM Interview with Craig Decker (UCCS)

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Podcast: Show with Marley Wilson

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We did have this on UStream but I’m not posting it because it didn’t seem to pick up on the Skype. Bummer!

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