What a night! Manchester United practice session in Denver

Manchester United held a practice session that was open to the public. What I didn’t count on was scoring a sweet Press Pass and being able to stand right ON THE FIELD.

Being with the Press is not all fun and I don’t think I ever got as many bad looks as I did by wearing a Manchester Jacket before but it was worth it.

From being like 2 seats away from Paddy and 4 from Brian McBride to less than 10 yards from the Manchester United players I was in Soccer heaven.

The team was broken up into two halves with what looked to be the starting 11 and the second 11 for the game vs Roma. Below are video clips from the practice session.

Below are some pictures

ESPNRadio 1580: World Cup preview and HS news

Had a super fun time with Braden and Bash on ESPN 1580 setting up the preview for the World Cup and also talked a little bit of Sand Creek HS Soccer.

IBSoccer is finally back with a show 7-29

Yes slackers Luis and I have finally done a show. We recapped the World Cup… Talked a little about the transfer season as well as just about everything else… We have even gone one better and added a UStream video. For some reason it didn’t capture the cool intro so you will need to listen to the mp3 for that but we will get it figured out.

Download show now (MP3)

Rumours become reality, update from Spain

It’s quite a joy to turn on the local television every day and hear sports news dedicated to your favorite sport and team, and here in Spain the news has been filled with rumors and reports of La Liga and Real Madrid, and no more than 48hrs following the appointment of Florentino Pérez, some of the rumors are becoming a reality.

Both Kaká and Pellegrini are bound for Real, with Chelsea and A.C. Milan left holding the bag, and poor Villarreal looking for a new coach. Barcelona aren’t very happy either, as Pérez has made it clear that no price is too great for the Brazilian star, a move reminiscent of the Figo purchase that makes it nearly impossible for other clubs to compete with Real in the players market. Fans and supporters of Madrid see it as the perfect power play, and a strong statement that Real is still the wealthiest, and hence, biggest club in all of Europe. Does this move herald the beginning of another galactic era for Madrid?

I’ll be chatting with the locals and keeping my eyes on the news here these last few days of my trip in Spain to see where this all heads, but already the papers have Kaká wearing white. Que gusto!