US to win the WC right?

USA is going to win the World Cup! That’s right drink up the Red, White and Blue kool-aid cause we are going to take this tournament by storm!

After all let’s look at the facts

  • we did win the Concacaf region and qualify for the World Cup yet again.
  • Heck Portugal, France, Ukraine and Russia haven’t even completed what we already have.
  • We beat the African Cup of Nation winners Egypt, we beat Spain the #1 team (at that time) in the World, we SHOULD have beaten Brazil the current #1 team.
  • We finally found a striker to play along side of Jozy Altidore in Charlie Davis.
  • We have more players over seas than ever before

I can go on and on with reasons that we will win the World Cup but the bottom line is we won’t and that’s OK. The best thing that the US could have done is come out and drink the kool-aid and then play quality opponents. Playing Slovakia in one of the most boring matches that I can remember should make everyone realize that plain and simple we just aren’t that good. Sure missing Donovan (playing with LA), Davis (injury), Holden (playing with Hou) doesn’t help matters but the US should be deep enough to carry on with missing these kinds of players v the #33 ranked team in the world. Sure they qualified for the WC and were playing in a “hostile” environment that included a whooping 7,000 fans there.

USA needs the underdog role. Going into the final match at the Confed cup vs Egypt everyone assumed that Bradley was coaching his last game. When counted out the US team suprises which is why in 98 we were horrible yet 02 we were great… in 06 terrible again… So if we go with that underdog role who knows what will happen in 2010.. at least maybe make it out of the group!

Now let’s see what excuses Bradley uses vs the #27 team in the nation in Denmark so we all think everything is just fine yet again.

Great tournament finish but with Bradley that is the pinnacle

A lot of people are going to think that US Soccer has arrived and Bradley is king of coaches but yea sorry I’m not buying it… yea we beat Spain which was great.. we took it to Brazil for 45 min but from there on Bradley let this team down with his in ability to make adjustments and his blind love for certain players…

Sacha and Bornstein should have NEVER been subbed on the field… esp when you have Torres and Adu sitting there on the bench.. give me a friggin break.. it was right there and the coach let this team down…

i really like our back 4 esp with Carlos out on the right with Gooch and Demerit in the center and Spector played great this tournament. Our midfield and Strikers are questions. Can Donovan and Dempsey our two main stays from the last WC create chances outside that they normally would out wide? Dempsey scored twice from a striker role not a outside mid. Donovan had a great tournament and I really hope he gets a look overseas because it’s not too late. In the center Bradley is one of the only for sures but with a healthy Edu maybe he doesn’t play as many minutes so he doesn’t have a chance to make as many stupid tackles to get red cards? The other center mid spot should go to Torres, but Ricard Clark didn’t play horrible either just lacks in quality and experience.

Up top is our biggest question marks. Jozy has definitely earned his role but who plays with him? Sure Bradley is in love with Davis at the moment but what happens when Ching is healthy again? I also think Davis is a great runner but holds on to the ball way to long and makes poor decisions… too many times Donovan made runs that he never saw.. yes I know he hit Donovan for the 2nd goal but there were way too many he missed… You know who would be a great striker to pair with Jozy? Yep Rossi but we won’t go there.

Overall I loved our hustle and our “Can Do” mentality and I’m glad the boys fought back after two embarrassing performances. Is that enough? Klinsman is your phone ringing?

MLS needs to revamp the calendar, care more about fans

As an English Premiere league fan first, International fan second and MLS fan third I think that is how the MLS front office rates there own fans at times.

When I want to go see a game I want to see the best soccer possible and the best players possible. For this season in the MLS that just can’t be possible. Focusing in on just the Colorado Rapids right now you have Conor Casey who’s scored four goals of his eight goals in the last three games coming in, is with the United States at the Confederations Cup in South Africa. Pablo Mastroeni luckily for the Rapids was sent home and led the team to a surprisingly easy win vs a top team from the East in DC United 3-0.

The Colorado Rapids are one of the most consistent teams in the MLS right now although they are not blowing anyone away and regardless of who is in the lineup they will put on a good show of soccer. Credit Coach Gary Smith for bringing in a dynamic flowing team concept.

Conor Casey and Pablo Mastroeni will be missing for the Rapids again during the Gold Cup as will Davy Arnaud – Kansas City Wizards, Jonathan Bornstein – Chivas USA, Ricardo Clark – Houston Dynamo, Kenny Cooper – FC Dallas, Eddie Gaven – Columbus Crew, Stuart Holden – Houston Dynamo, Chad Marshall – Columbus Crew, Robbie Rogers – Columbus Crew and John Thorrington – Chicago Fire.

The possibility of losing Casey and Pablo from July 3rd to July 26 can be devastating to the Rapids chances of making the playoffs. Luckily for us Bradley is not pulling two other Rapids who need a look in Colin Clark and Medi Bellouchy. Losing our top striker for that long has caused the Rapids to bring in striker Pat Noonan and I’m sure we will survive.

The question remains when will the MLS get with the times and try to be a real soccer league? Let’s just focus on the schedule and letting players play for there Country pride without worrying about Club soccer at the moment and leave the single table debate for another day. Until this happens we will see Beckham situations arise when a player will want to go on international duty and those are the players the MLS should strive to get for the league.

United 1st Team squad Who Stays and Who Goes

GibsonYes it’s that time again the Transfer season is in full swing. You either hate it or you love it and that really all depends on which hour of the day it is. Thank you Gareth Barry for NOT making us drag through the summer wondering where you will go. At least he had the guts to make a quick bad decision. Kaka yep already on his way to Madrid. What will the English Champions who fell short in Europe do to strengthen there squad? Well let’s look at the current 1st team roster first.


1-Edwin van der Sar

VDS will stay another season. I do believe it’s Ben Foster time and Edwin will prove vital leadership.

29-Tomasz Kuszczak

– Sorry Tomas but your time has passed. Look for him to move on.

12-Ben Foster

It’s your time Ben. If Ben suffers another injury or confidence setback you will see Ben replaced but for now it’s his turn.


15-Nemanja Vidic

Contrary to rumors is going nowhere and has proven his worth.

3-Patrice Evra

Evra will be with us for another season. Has improved his offensive skills and overlaps well but has become injury prone. Will see more time going to young Fabio

22-John O’Shea

Yes I put Johnny here because that is where he mainly played for us this season. O’Shea is our strong ultilty player who won’t embarrasses us anywhere but I certainly hope he is not a starter. Will be back.

5-Rio Ferdinand

Rio is starting to show signs of wear and tear and I can see Jonny Evans playing even more next season. Out of Vidic and Rio I look for Rio to take more time off.

23-Jonathan Evans

Ahh Jonny is going to be our next great central back. Wants to break into the starting lineup within the first team and had many many chances last season. Look for those #s to go up.

2-Gary Neville

Sory Gary but anytime you see next season will be in the Carling Cup. Look for a farwell Gary season here.

- Rafael is the closest of the youngsters to grabbing 1st team starting minutes in the right back spot. Going nowhere.

6-Wes Brown
- Can Wes show he is reliable and durable enough to come back? Will be back but may play in a more minor role.

20    Fabio
- Look for Fabio who is supposed to be better than his brother get more minutes this season with the top team.


7-Cristiano Ronaldo:
- Would love to say he is going nowhere but I think CR7 may move onto Madrid this summer. Big summer for for Ronaldo and if he stays this summer it could be long term.

9-Dimitar Berbatov:
- Berby will get another season to prove he isn’t a bust but this is it for him.

24-Darren Fletcher:

CL loss showed our weakness in the middle and look for Fletcher to become more of a staple in the middle with Carrick.

16-Michael Carrick
- Best passer in the England. Going nowhere.

13-Ji-Sung Park:
Staying but I do hope he is used in a more minor role. Park got way too much time last yr.
11-Ryan Giggs:
- Created a new role as a central midfielder last year and if used sparingly can be useful. Will stay for 1-2 yrs tops.

18-Paul Scholes:
- Still has the offensive flair and still can’t tackle. Scholes like Giggs and Neville prove valuable leadership to the young lads. Could be Scholes last season.

- SAF loves Anderson and look for him to take the offensive role of Scholes. Eventually you have to imagine that he will score a goal. Going nowhere.

4-Owen Hargreaves:
- Will Owen ever be healthy? Rumors swirling that he is now out till January. This is Owen’s last chance to make a home in the midfield.

- Was suprised Nani didn’t want to leave after his horrible season. Gets credit and one last season to prove his worth.

28-Darron Gibson:
- Just too crowded in the Midfield for the “Future Keane” and is on transfer list.

34-Rodrigo Possebon:
- Young enough to gain skill sin reserves isn’t going anywhere.

14    Zoran Tosic:
- Ciould go on loan if Ronaldo stays. Otherwise will see more 1st team minutes.


10- Wayne Rooney:
- Needs to play in the central striking role. Only way that will happen is if Tevez is gone.

32-Carlos Tevez:
- Fans want him to stay but management doesn’t. Sorry Tevez love ya but you have to go.

41- Federico Macheda
- Great young striker or a flash in the pan? We will see this season.

Fraizer Campbell

Great young striker just not great enough. Was on loan to Tott’ham and now looks set to be sold to Hull.

19- Danny Welbeck:
- Danny has a future with this club. Can play anywhere and has finishing ability. Look to a bigger role next season.

Was on loan to Hull and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them put a permanent bid on him.

It’s already been said that Manchester and Madrid both have bids in for Wigan winger Antonio Valencia and are signing Brazilian teenager Dodo. If Ronaldo leaves you can bet that either Ribery or Benzema will be wearing Red this summer.

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