Champions League Quickie Update

So it’s been a while since any updates or shows around here, I guess between work and having our favorite teams getting beat down this season, it’s been a little tough staying motivated, but here’s a quickie update just to let everyone know we’re still watching…
Man, what can I say, Real Madrid look like amateurs in the big matches, and I hear Man.U isn’t doing much better. Although I can’t speak for Manchester’s woes, Madrid’s problems come from poor decision making at the top. (Oh, and Raul is still the best in those situations.. always a threat.)
ok, enough crying.. what’s going on NOW with the CL.. well, as one aficionado boldly stated today.. “Bayern Munich are going to win the Champions League.” I was able to catch the second half of the match against Lyon, and sure enough it was all Bayern. Robben looked as sharp as ever and they looked ready for the final. This should have been the Madrid / Man.U matchup, but as the next best thing, it only shows that Man.U is better than R.Madrid in the CL. (damnit I was rooting for Lyon).
So right now I’m watching a replay of first Inter / Barca match, and even with the opening gol from Barca and some attacking opportunities, Inter have a huge home crowd advantage and growing confidence by the minute. It’s no wonder the final score, but I would have expected better from Barca. Of course, the big story is Ibra vs Eto’o, and so far the Eto’o Milan has been the better show, and this run in the CL has kind of restored some of the Italian image. Oh and I’ve got to mention Sneijder rocking it as well… another player to escape Madrid’s downward spiral.
MIerda. Well, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s game, Barca is still a champion team and will be expected to come out strong at home.. and even though they’re not welcome in the Bernabeau, I’ll be secretly rooting for them to win it again.
Last note.. Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid Thursday should be hot hot hot… there’s a chance for both of these teams to be the first champion of the new Europa League. We’ll be watching.. Ciao

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