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June 29th, 2009 at 4:07 am

Great tournament finish but with Bradley that is the pinnacle

A lot of people are going to think that US Soccer has arrived and Bradley is king of coaches but yea sorry I’m not buying it… yea we beat Spain which was great.. we took it to Brazil for 45 min but from there on Bradley let this team down with his in ability to make adjustments and his blind love for certain players…

Sacha and Bornstein should have NEVER been subbed on the field… esp when you have Torres and Adu sitting there on the bench.. give me a friggin break.. it was right there and the coach let this team down…

i really like our back 4 esp with Carlos out on the right with Gooch and Demerit in the center and Spector played great this tournament. Our midfield and Strikers are questions. Can Donovan and Dempsey our two main stays from the last WC create chances outside that they normally would out wide? Dempsey scored twice from a striker role not a outside mid. Donovan had a great tournament and I really hope he gets a look overseas because it’s not too late. In the center Bradley is one of the only for sures but with a healthy Edu maybe he doesn’t play as many minutes so he doesn’t have a chance to make as many stupid tackles to get red cards? The other center mid spot should go to Torres, but Ricard Clark didn’t play horrible either just lacks in quality and experience.

Up top is our biggest question marks. Jozy has definitely earned his role but who plays with him? Sure Bradley is in love with Davis at the moment but what happens when Ching is healthy again? I also think Davis is a great runner but holds on to the ball way to long and makes poor decisions… too many times Donovan made runs that he never saw.. yes I know he hit Donovan for the 2nd goal but there were way too many he missed… You know who would be a great striker to pair with Jozy? Yep Rossi but we won’t go there.

Overall I loved our hustle and our “Can Do” mentality and I’m glad the boys fought back after two embarrassing performances. Is that enough? Klinsman is your phone ringing?

  • RustyWatkins
    4:24 am on June 29th, 2009 1

    Yeah, i think you’re spot on with the question about who should pair with Jozy. I’ve never been a fan of Ching, he seems to do alright in MLS but i’ve never seen him shine for the USMNT. And Davies made WAAAAYYYY too many mistakes tonight – great huste, but he needs some coaching. There were several times where it seemed that he didnt know what to do next when he was on the ball – very slow decision making…! I’d like to think that with a healthy squad we can at least get out of the Group stages next summer and maybe on to the quarters depending on who we face in the second round, but we definitely need to start looking at other coaches if we are going to ever take that next step. If nothing else, i’m hoping this tournament gets some players looked at by overseas teams. Donovan in particular needs to test himself at a higher level. Great experience for the lads, though. Interested to see what this C-squad can do in the Gold Cup though…

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